Perform a search

Once you're logged-in and on the Home page, you can search Text2Codes with free text, partial terms or even codes for reverse search
You have a limited number of searches per day, depending on your account settings

Multi-page, free-text document

You can analyze one free-text document at a time
One document is limited to 10k characters which is approximately equivalent to 5 pages per one search

To enter a natural language document start by clicking in the large box and

  • Copy/ Paste from another document
  • Type-in
  • Use dictation / voice recognition
  • You can enter in this search box on separate lines:

  • Terms or partial terms (eg: lap chole )
  • CPT or ICD codes for reverse search (eg: I48.2)
  • Once you're done entering the natural language free-text, medical phrases or codes - click on the Extract ICD-10 And CPT Codes blue button
    Depending on the size of the document and the number of potential coding candidates, the quality of your internet connection and other factors, the resulting analysis should be expected in several seconds
    On the resulting screen you are going to Review coding candidates

    One medical phrase, term or reverse search a code at a time

    You can also search with one medical phrase, term or code at a time in the right upper search box, that exists on almost all pages - EXCEPT the first, home page

    Enter a short (3 - 250 characters) phrase, term or code in the right upper corner box
    Ex: Chronic atrial fibrillation or Chr atr fib or Laparoscopic appendectomy or Lap appen
    and then click the Search One Code button

    Search is case / caps insensitive
    You can search using partial terms, such as psor arth and the results will include: Arthropathic psoriasis...Psoriatic arthropathy...etc
    No need to use any logic operators such as 'AND' or '+' or ','
    Text2Codes will search assuming the AND logical operator between the terms you've entered
    The more search terms you use the smaller the results set is going to be

    You can also reverse search with a code such as 44790, H53.2 (with or without the dot)

    On the resulting screen you are going to Select a CPT or ICD-10 code

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