Review coding candidates

Text2Codes returns the results of the NLP analysis as link annotations on your original document

Terms annotated as links in light blue on your original document, have at least one code (CPT, ICD10 Diagnosis or ICD10 Procedure) related
The candidate terms are also listed alphabetically on the right side panel
Clicking on any of these links will bring you to Select a CPT or ICD-10 code

Note The first time you review an annotated document - the title in the upper most text box is going to be Temporary Title
If you intend to work further with this document, please enter a new title, replacing the default Temporary Title with your own title and then click Save New Title button
Since the document title is unique (you can't have two or more documents with the same title)- if you don't save under a new title - the next document search will replace the previous one named Temporary Title

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