Manage documents

Text2Codes first receives your original document over a secure https communication channel with your device
It then saves the original document in an encrypted format
All the codes, modifiers, notes added or removed as related to your original document, are saved automatically, as you work with the document
Except modifying the initial Temporary Title and saving ONCE your new document title - you don't need to save the document while you work on it

View all your saved documents
Click on the blue All Documents button on the right side panel
A reverse chronological list of the documents you have saved is displayed (latest modified on top)
Click on the blue link document title to review the document in it's latest, most recent status
One document / one title - can have only one version saved
While you may search unlimitedly for one term, phrase at a time - you cannot create a document out of the results from this type of search
A document that can be coded, annotated, edited and saved, must originate initially from the free-text search box on the Home Page

Print a document and the annotated codes
When you are on the page displaying the annotated original document, click on the blue Printer Friendly button on the right side panel
Text2Codes will display the original text and the list of annotated codes you've selected in a printer friendly format
Note: The printer friendly page does NOT display any * Not In Original Text tags that may have been detected in the codes you've selected

Delete a document
One click on the red trash bin of a document - and the document is deleted
There is no delete confirmation dialog - so please think twice before clicking that red trash bin
Once a document was deleted - no one can retrieve it back or restore it

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