Annotate a code / Remove a code

On the CPT, ICD-10 Diagnosis and ICD-10 Procedures pages, you can annotate a code on your original document or add a code you found that is not in your text

Once you click the Annotate / Save this Code button, Text2Codes will try to map in the original text, the Original Phrase used for this search
If this mapping succeeds - the term will be highlighted in yellow in the original text (while still being a link to the code)
Hovering over a yellow highlighted term in the original text and Text2Codes displays the code and a short description
The annotated term is removed from the right side panel list of coding candidates

Annotated codes are summarized on the lower part of the screen

If the Original Phrase could not be mapped in the original text, the code will have a * Not In Original Text tag attached
In the list of codes displayed, you can click on the code link to review it
The Printer Friendly button on the right side panel, will display the original text and the list of annotated codes you've selected, but without any * Not In Original Text tags

Remove an annotated code
Click on the red trash bin and the annotated code will be removed immediately - there is NO delete confirmation dialog
Once a code is removed, it reverses back to the previous coding candidate status, as a light blue link on the original text and also on the right side panel

Modifiers / Note attached to selected code
You may add up to 100 characters in the text-box in the section with the Annotate / Save this Code button
This is the place to add any of the CPT, ASC or HCPCS Level 2 Modifiers, that are usually displayed on the lower part of a CPT page
If this is a CPT Anesthesia code, please review information on CPT Anesthesia fees calculator
Note: The minus sign ("-") and other punctuation signs are automatically removed, so if you wish to code Modifers such as -22-23, best would be to document it as Modifiers: 22 and 23 or just plain 22 23

Annotate adjacent words not highlighted
Say Text2Codes found appendectomy as a coding candidate, but has missed the word laparoscopic
If you'd like to highlight the full original phrase laparoscopic appendectomy, all you have to do is copy the original phrase and paste it into the Search One Code text box. Perform the search, select the right code and when you annotate / save it - the Original Phrase will be laparoscopic appendectomy
Since a match between the Original Phrase and the original text is guranteed, the phrase laparoscopic appendectomy will appear now as highlighted in yellow, on the original text

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